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Enjoy reliable DSTV Installation Midrand solutions

DSTV has become Southern Africa’s most popular source of entertainment, sport and news, with the network providing a seemingly endless number of programmes which range from series to movies and reality TV. With millions of South Africans tuning in every day, you too can enjoy the benefits when you use our Aerial & Satellite Excellence DSTV installation Midrand services.

We have a team of skilled technicians that are ready to assist you with any technical DSTV related issues. Visit our professional Johannesburg accredited agency or the Centurion service centre today.

This network is famous for its overseas and local TV shows and movies. And those living in Midrand can look forward to the hours of entertainment that this digital television platform provides. 

DSTV installation can be complicated, time-consuming and incredibly frustrating when you don’t know what you are doing. And while it might be tempting to take the DIY route, you might prefer calling in a professional team to get your installation sorted out.

Aerial & Satellite Excellence are an expert DSTV accredited installers Midrand agency, and we make use of our immense knowledge and skills to assist our clients with everything DSTV related. If you need help with anything, or if you are experiencing DSTV related problems, you can rely on us.

We have an immense 25 years of experience behind our names, and as a result, we have everything necessary to work with all types of MultiChoice devices. MultiChoice is the parent company of DSTV and they recognize us as a skilled, and reputable, installation, upgrade and repair company.

We have everything it takes to guarantee our clients an expert service, and we make sure that each service we carry out is completed as quickly as possible, without cutting corners. When you work with us, you can expect a reliable service that won’t cost you a fortune.

Along with having the experience to work with all DSTV related devices, we have the tools to carry out our services to the best of our abilities. We make sure that we stay up to date with the various industry knowledge and we use our knowledge to provide you with a top-quality service.

Our services are provided according to the guidelines set out by MultiChoice, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that our services are all sound and reliable.

What you will need to access DSTV

We do suggest that you do some research on the various channel options as well as the different types of decoders before purchasing your DSTV system.

Our face to face counter staff as well as our phone staff are highly skilled and can assist you in selecting the correct product for your needs.

A DSTV system comprises out of a Decoder, cabling, satellite dish, bracketing and the correct LNB for your specific decoder. Combining all of these with a properly installed system, and set up by professionals, you will unlock a world of entertainment.

Connecting your system to your connectivity network will unlock Showmax. Showmax is MultiChoice’s online streaming.

DSTV installation Midrand prices

DSTV has a range of packages which make pricing quite flexible and suitable to most budgets. DSTV packages consist of individual channels, grouped together. This allows you to select a package that falls into your viewing preference and budget.

More information about Aerial & Satellite Excellence

MultiChoice has been a pioneer in South African digital satellite television, and although they were already famous for M-Net by the time they introduced DSTV, the company has grown in leaps and bounds to become South Africa’s most popular TV networks.

When it was first launched in 1995, DSTV gave those living in Southern African the opportunity to gain access to an almost limitless number of overseas movies, series and sporting events.

With this unprecedented access to entertainment and information from all over the world, South Africa’s popular culture would enjoy an overhaul. DSTV would also provide viewers with a source of reliable information as well as education.

Aerial & Satellite Excellence has worked with DSTV devices and provided related services since the launch of this TV network, and with more than 25 years of experience, we have gained all of the skills and plenty of experience which we use to make sure that our clients receive the best services.

Our team knows everything there is to know about the various MultiChoice devices, and so we are fully equipped to provide our Midrand clients with reliable installations, upgrades, and repairs.

Our technicians will come out to where they are needed, to install your DSTV, while at our offices in Midrand, you can settle your payments, sort out your accounts, buy accessories, test or swap out your decoder, or buy a new device. Aerial & Satellite Excellence provides a full DSTV service.

We are the preferred DSTV installation company in Midrand because:

  • Our services are available throughout Gauteng, and our team is ready to assist you from Monday to Saturday.
  • We have all of the knowledge needed to work on all types of DSTV decoders, including the Xtra View, the Explora HD PVR, the Standard Decoder, and all the others in between.
  • We use all of the latest tools and technology to provide the best possible service.
  • We are both accredited and approved by MultiChoice to work on their DSTV devices.
  • All of the parts provided during upgrades, repairs and installations are covered by a warranty.
  • We ensure our client’s satisfaction by ensuring that the job is properly done.
  • Our DSTV services are available to hotels, lodges, guesthouses, complexes, flats and residential properties.
  • Our services are on par with the standards set by MultiChoice.
  • We can give you advice and information for LAN systems, Wi-Fi, sound systems, and DSTV.

If you need any more information or an estimation, you can contact our DSTV installation Midrand agency and one of our friendly consultants will be available to help you.

DStv – Digital Satellite Television, a  direct broadcast satellite service owned by a company named: MultiChoice. MultiChoice was formed out of the subscriber-management branch of the M-Net Terrestrial Pay TV company, and broadcasts a diverse range of channels to watch.

They are well trained and experienced technicians, responsible for setting or repairing DStv products: like decoders, cables or satellite dishes. Installers are trained to work inside roofs on roofs as well as have the technical experience to work with testing equipment, tools and audio-video products.

We only use inhouse technicians that are well trained and have the appropriate Dstv accreditation level for your installation. We offer a full range of services. 

Our technician will arrive at their destination with a branded Aerial and Satellite Excellence vehicle outfitted with the tools and materials needed to complete their different tasks, whether it be on the top of a building or inside a house.

We provide professional DStv installations and have multiple teams available to assist. Our DStv installers are comprehensively selected, and only those who meet our high standards are brought on board. Our team of expert technicians are available to attend to all of your DStv installations requirements promptly and competently!

You can contact us by phoning our call centre on 0861833833, or leave us a message through our web page – www.aerialexcellence.co.za or book a call at any one of our three DStv agencies.

After the consultant has assessed, he/she will compile all your detail to arrange a call out. They will explain our charges, time schedule, confirm the detail and ensure that you are comfortable with the process going forward.

Our team will arrive on the scheduled day. On arrival, the team will confirm what your needs are, make suggestions and ensure that you are on par with the process.

Although the basics of installing your own satellite dish aren’t that complicated to ensure uncompromised viewing, we would suggest that you do make use of the services of a well trained accredited DStv installer.

All you will need is:

Dstv Decoder

Satellite dish

Wall bracket

Coax cable

Various connectors

Appropriate lnb


Tools that wil come in handy when installing your own DStv:


Drill bit



Electrical Power extension


Safety harness

Safety goggles

Testing equipment:

Satellite directional finder and signal strength meter

Prior information and skills needed to complete this job:

Knowledge on how to use these tools mentioned and the correct Co-ordinates of the DStv satellite.

Lets begin!

Now walk around your house and find a spot that is as close to the tv room as possible but also with a clear view of the satellite.

Mark the position for bracket and drill the holes and then secure the bracket.

Assemble the dish and then mount the dish on to the bracket.

Use the signal strength meter to line the dish up with the satellite.

Set the lnb and connect the cable to the lnb

Feed a Coax cable through the roof to the DStv decoder

Connect the decoder to the cable and the tv.

The installation process normally takes a well-trained DStv installer about an hour. This excludes the connecting of any other points etc.